Çifteköprü (Meles) Plateau

Rize is the plateau to mind; plateau is also thought of Ikizdere district. When you get lost in İkizdere, the most famous district of Rize with its highlands, you can find yourself on a great plateau. The first of these highlands is Çifteköprü or Meles Plateau.

Meles Plateau, located in İkizdere district of Rize and dazzling with its beauty; It is approximately 25 kiloemtre from the district center. The Meles Plateau, located on the Meles River Valley and the wonderful slopes of this valley, is about 1712 meters above sea level. Çifteköprü Plateau, which has a relatively low altitude compared to other plateaus, stands out with its green slopes.

Çifteköprü Platea

You want to rest your soul in a wonderful nature? We seem to hear your answer is yes. Then you can come to Çifteköprü Plateau and spend your time listening to your head. You should definitely see Meles, which is the choice of those who want to get rid of the city's congestion and who want to be saturated with green for a short time. You can walk barefoot over the grass and relax with the relaxing sound of the water on the banks of the Meles River.

In addition to the natural beauties of the Meles Plateau, you should also see the Çifteköprü Kemer Bridge, which is a historical bridge. You should not forget that after visiting the Çifteköprü Kemer Bridge, which was established on the Meles River and has played an important role in providing transportation for people, you can take great pictures of you by taking the bridge behind you.

Spending time in Çifteköprü Plateau!

You may be worried about how to spend time on an untouched plateau. However, if you come here to get rid of the rat race of the city, even you will not understand how time passes. When you wake up in the morning, you can take a short hike and enjoy a nice nature breakfast by the Meles River. Alternatively, a short trekking can allow you to start the day vigorously and get enough fresh air.

Later in the day, you can lie down on the grass to enjoy the coolness. You can also enjoy nature with coffee and books. Turkey's most pristine yourself you will get from this geography! For an unforgettable holiday in your life, you should choose Çifteköprü Plateau!