Manle Falls

Rize is an impressive city with its highlands and waterfalls. One of the most impressive districts of this city is İkizdere. Manle Waterfall in İkizdere district is one of the must-see places. You should prefer Manle Waterfall, which is approximately 500 meters from İkizdere district, for both peaceful time and taking great pictures.

Manle Waterfall, located in Yeşilyurt Quarter of İkizdere district, is a two-stage waterfall with a height of approximately 30 meters. Manle, one of the hidden places of the Black Sea, could not make its name due to the lack of advertising and promotion. The unspoiled Manle Waterfall, like other Black Sea Waterfalls, has started to make a name for itself even though it does not host a large number of tourists.

How to Get to Manle Waterfall  ?

The main transportation method preferred to travel from one place to another in the Black Sea is by private vehicles. For this reason, you should choose to reach Manle Plateau with your private vehicles. Otherwise, you may not go to the waterfall at any time. This may result in poor time management.

If you come to Manle Waterfall from a city other than Rize, you must first reach Rize. After providing transportation to Rize, it is necessary to take the vehicles from the city center to İkizdere district. Manle Waterfall, located in Yeşilyurt neighborhood of İkizdere district of Rize, is about 800 meters away from the town center. In this direction, people can reach Manle Waterfall with a 15-20 minute walk. However, it is worth noting that the road is a bit hilly. In this direction, when you go to Manle Waterfall you should make sure that you make the right choice of shoes.

What to do in Manle Falls  ? 

Manle Falls is actually called Manle Falls. In this respect, it is possible to state that Manle team waterfalls flow in three different layers.

When you reach Manle Waterfall you will see a viewing terrace organized by the municipality. You can enjoy the view easily with this observation terrace. You can reach 20 meters behind the viewing terrace under the waterfall and look at the unique view from that angle. In this respect, you can visit the Manle Waterfall, one of the unique beauties of the Black Sea, to see the untouched nature of the Black Sea and enjoy the nature.