Pileki Cave

Although the plateaus and waterfalls in the Black Sea are remarkable natural wonders, the caves are known to create a beautiful ambiance in the Black Sea. In this sense, Pileki Cave in Rize is one of the most popular places. Pileki Cave, which is connected to İyidere district of Rize province, is a cave where a stone called Pileki was extracted for centuries. In addition to this feature, Pileki brings together the most wonderful shades of green and blue.

What is Pleating Stone?

 This stone, which was extracted from the Pileki Cave and can be used in various sectors, is also known as Bread Stone. When you go to Rize's Iyidere district, you can order this stone which you can find almost anywhere on the internet. Depending on the size of the stone, you will have to pay a price of 175 to 250 TL for Bread Stone or Pleated Stone.

How to get to Pileki Cave

It is not possible to travel by public transportation in the steep geography of the Black Sea. Because there is a plateau or waterfall almost everywhere, it makes people go in different directions. For this reason, it is not possible to carry out mass transportation. When you want to go to Pileki Cave, you will drive from Trabzon to Rize with your own car. You should follow the signs in İyidere which is the first district that meets you in the province of Rize and you should go 6 kilometers from the Black Sea Coast. After this, you can proceed to Pileki Cave and reach the cave.

What can be done around the Pileki Cave

Pileki Cave attracts a lot of visitors with its unique features, there is a great social development around the cave. You can taste the unique flavors of the Black Sea around the Pileki Cave, which is quite rich in terms of restaurants. Around the Pileki Cave; anchovy pilava; You can taste all kinds of flavors from anchovy soup to molasses. When you try these flavors, you can also enjoy the view. You can also take great pictures here when you come to Pileki Cave. You can even visit Pileki Cave for photos that you will collect as the greatest memories of your albums.

I went to the Black Sea, but I did not see the Pileki Cave to say that you must stop in Rize's İyidere district.