One of the most effective purification methods is known as sauna. After your thermal pleasure, we will serve you our guests with a total of three saunas, one for private and one for ladies and one for ladies.

Why enter the sauna?

Sauna is a rest and relaxation environment for all of us. In addition, the sauna gives people a strong resistance and strength to gain strength. Regular use of the sauna along with good nutrition is an excellent way to stay energetic and healthy. Their contribution to body resistance and body health are two important features. The therapeutic benefits of the sauna are documented by experts.

What are the benefits

• At the upper level of the skin layer, the temperature rises by 10 ° C than normal, while at the same time the temperature under the skin layer rises by 1 ° C more than normal. It increases the production of antibodies, which is the substance that resists diseases in the body.
• As blood vessels expand, blood flow is accelerated. Our organism tries to keep the body temperature constant by cooling the skin, giving intense sweating reaction. It cleanses the skin from dead cells. It has a soft and smooth surface.
• Intense sweating regulates the balance of water and toxins in the human body. The reason for this is the removal of lactic acid, which causes muscle pain, by sweating.
• Sauna, allows people to sweat when in passive state. Thus, fatigue is overcome by sweating in the sauna in contrast to the fatigue that occurs in active sweating.
• Regular sauna helps the respiratory tract to work more regularly.
• Sauna has a positive effect on cardio-vascular system and blood pressure and provides stress-free training to the heart and the whole cardio-vascular system.
• Sauna causes an increase in blood proteins. This increase allows more oxygen to reach the tissues.
• Sauna increases the body resistance to external influences.
• If you want to get away from today stressful world, take the time to your health with your family, friends or sauna pleasure.
• Sauna provides the balance of water and toxins in the body through sweating. Sauna has very beneficial effects on cardio vascular system and blood pressure which is very important for health. Regularly entering the sauna allows the pores to be opened through perspiration and the skin is purified from dead cells to achieve an extremely smooth and vivid appearance.
• Sauna by regulating the circulatory system by accelerating, especially increases blood proteins, oxygen to the cells to provide more intense.