Disease known as tendinitis or bursitis; shoulders, wrists, knees, elbows, feet and wrists is a medical term used to express inflammation that occurs. Usually inflammations occur over a long period of time. However, in some cases it is possible to state that it occurs in sudden inflammation. in this case, inflammation of the shoulder bones may occur. In addition, inflammation of the elbows or wrists of people with very heavy hands occurs. In addition, standing and work standing people with knee and ankle inflammation occurs. Finally, it can cause inflammation in various parts of the body of people sitting and working. Accordingly, it is possible to explain the causes of tendinitis as follows. 

Tendinitis  Reasons Tendinitis  Reasons

There are multiple causes of tendinitis. The reasons can be listed as follows. 

  • The first cause of tendinitis is the repeated repetition of the same movement. For example, typing on the keyboard for a long time, walking continuously, chopping and cutting operations are among the causes of tendinitis. 
  • The reasons for tendinitis are not choosing the right shoes. Shoes that disturb people's feet play a major role in the formation of bursite or tenditis. 
  • Kidney and blood diseases are among the causes of tendinitis. 
  • Hip, elbow and leg disorders can cause tendinitis in old age. 
  • The use of various drugs and antibiotics causes fiber ruptures. This has an important role in the formation of tenditis. 

For the diagnosis of tendinitis caused by the above-mentioned reasons, a physical examination is performed first. The reason, history and severity of the tendonitis are learned. In addition, techniques such as X-ray and MRI are used. However, blood tests are required to measure inflammation. 

Tendinitis  treatment

It was possible to state that tendonitis was a very serious condition that directly affected muscle and bone structure. In this respect, drug treatment is applied. In addition, thermal water sources are also very important for the treatment of tendinitis. It is possible to minimize the symptoms and effects of tendonitis with thermal water sources used in the treatment of tendinitis. You can come to Ridos Hotel and take advantage of thermal water resources.