13-The osteolysis.

Bone resorption refers to problems occurring in structures containing a high proportion of calcium in the bones that make up the skeletal system. Bones develop in infants and children. Towards the end of the 20s, bone formation and bone destruction are at the same level. Vitamin D and calcium supplements should be taken from this age to delay the destruction of the bones. In this way, bone mass and health can be increased. It is possible to state that the rate of bone resorption increases with age. Therefore, various treatment methods must be used to prevent or stop bone resorption. Necessary treatment methods can be applied in case of early detection. So, what are the signs of bone resorption?

Osteoclasis  What are the Symptoms? Osteoclasis  What are the Symptoms?

In the early period of bone resorption, no symptoms occur. A decrease in bone density can be detected when the bone has any fracture or fracture. However, if such a situation is not encountered, bone resorption progresses. It is possible to explain the symptoms that occur later in bone resorption as follows. 

  • The first signs of bone resorption are low back pain caused by a broken or collapsed vertebrae within the spine. 
  • Another sign of bone resorption is the shortening of the length due to the bending of the bones.
  • Symptoms of bone resorption include hunching and crooked posture. 
  • Finally, even in simple movements, the sounds of crackling from the bones are among the most important causes of bone resorption. 

If you experience the above symptoms, you should consult a doctor. 

Bone  Melt Treatment 

There are several methods used to treat bone resorption. Accordingly, bone resorption must be diagnosed first. As a result of the diagnosis of bone resorption, bone resorption treatment is started. The treatment is carried out with pills or injections. In addition, thermal water sources are used in the treatment of bone resorption. Considering that thermal water resources have many benefits, it is easily understood that they are frequently used in the treatment of bone resorption. If you are experiencing the problem of bone resorption, you can easily use the thermal water resources available at Ridos Hotel.